Let your inner child run free with these reimagined home pieces

Published December 3, 2020, 2:44 PM

by Kerry Tinga

The pieces are made out of Halo Halo’s signature, truly Filipino banig weave material

“We were all once kids, playing, and carefree. Even if we grew up, we all still have that kid inside us,” says the HaloHalo team. “[We] want you to bring out that kid again.”

Founded by siblings Cara and Rocco Sumabat, HaloHalo has become a popular accessories brand known for its distinctive take on Filipino craftsmanship. Their colorful, eye-catching bags have been spotted on local trendsetters all over Instagram (in lieu of, you know, seeing people IRL due to the pandemic).

As we have all been re-introduced to our humble abodes during quarantine, HaloHalo has launched their latest collection of home accessories to breathe a little fun and a lot of life into our homes. Adapting their design philosophy of making unique, high-quality products from an unlikely combination of materials (thus their name), the HaloHalo Play collection reimagines home accessories as charming, playsets that will make your inner child squeal with glee.

We may not know how much longer we need to be vigilant and stay predominantly at home, so there may be a lot of decor makeovers and re-arranging things in the near future. The pieces can be mixed and matched together and to be played around with.

“The possibilities are endless,” the HaloHalo team adds.

The HaloHalo Play collection includes various bolsters made in collaboration with Isabelle Daza launched back in Oct.

New pieces include the slide, the ladder, and the U, which together make the playset. And alongside the ball pit, HaloHalo has created a playpen that can be easily pulled apart and assembled again.

The pieces are made from Halo Halo’s signature, truly Filipino, upcycled banig material and foam.

Playset / Photo from www.halohalostore.ph
Bolsters / Photo from www.halohalostore.ph
Padded hinga mat / Photo from www.halohalostore.ph