Jessy Mendiola talks about love affair with diamonds

Published December 2, 2020, 3:01 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Did Jessy Mendiola just dismiss gossip about her alleged engagement to Luis Manzano?

A netizen recently asked the 27-year-old actress about the diamond ring she was seen wearing recently, which prompted speculations about her and Luis as already engaged to be married.


Jessy responded that she is just a “fan of diamonds.”

Jessy Mendiola

She went on to explain, “Ever since I was young I aspired to be a diamond collector. I didn’t come from a well-off family and I had to work hard and put my family first because I was a breadwinner. When things started getting better and opportunities were coming my way, by the grace of God, I was able to save for myself and little by little my sparkly dreams came true.”

She maintained that it’s “okay” to want nice things for yourself especially if you worked hard for it.

“Giving yourself a reward is a form of self-love,” was how she put it.

“It could be anything, as long as it makes you happy and it inspires you to work harder.”

She then posted several photos of her wearing different styles of rings, among them the “huge ring” that fueled the engagement rumor.