At 39 years old, here's how Song Hye Kyo keeps her youthful glow

Known for her dewy skin, she is rarely seen with heavy makeup and lets her natural beauty shine through

Photo courtesy of Song Hye Kyo/Instagram

Song Hye Kyo's presence in pop culture in the last decade, ever since K-everything became mainstream, has been irrefutable. And at 39 years old, the Korean leading lady still has skin that visibly glows, as if time decided to skip past her on its way to ravage others with age. We listed some of her skincare tips for you to emulate her skin.

DIY masks
Still as fresh-faced as a teenager, Song Hye Kyo, according to an article by Korea Portal, enjoys a DIY face pack regularly to help moisturize and brighten her skin. And the recipe is simple: blend a spoonful of powdered milk, honey, and one raw egg white together and apply onto your face. Leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Rich in antioxidants, honey helps to moisturize and soothe skin. Egg white, too, has natural astringent properties that shrink pores. While these two ingredients alone would work wonders, adding powdered milk takes the recipe up a notch due to the lactic acid component present in milk that gently peels off the dull top layers of the skin.

Ginseng skincare routine
While her beauty collection consists of all things Sulwhasoo, the actress swears by its cult ginseng line the most. The Concentrated Ginseng Renewing serum, in particular, is a favorite. The lightweight formula reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin's overall bounce.

Photo courtesy of Sulwhasoo

“I start with the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing water, move on to the serum, use the cream, and then the mask. The next morning, when I wake up, my skin is very firm, moisturised and healthy," Song Hye Kyo told publication Lifestyle Asia Singapore during the launch of the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing collection in Hong Kong.

Active lifestyle
Like other actresses, Song Hye Kyo' secret to maintaining her beautiful skin goes beyond just skincare. "Besides taking care of my appearance, I also try to exercise more," she told in an interview with SCMP Style. "I do a lot of yoga as well as aerobic exercises. When I have time, I like to run along the Han River. I prioritize exercise now, I feel like my skin condition improves when I exercise and sweat."

Photo courtesy of Song Hye Kyo/Instagram