Why did Ina Raymundo ask Julia Barretto to be her ‘future daughter-in-law?’

Published December 1, 2020, 2:03 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

If ever Jacob Poturnak and actress Julia Barretto decide to go out on dates in the future, Jacob’s mother, Ina Raymundo, assured she wouldn’t be a hindrance.

In fact, she expressed approval of Julia becoming her “future daughter-in-law.”

She said all these in the latest episode of Julia’s “Drunk and Spill” series on YouTube.

It all started with Julia catching Jacob watching them doing the vlog, saying, “Look at the very handsome son.”

Ina Raymundo, Jacob Poturnak

Ina immediately acknowledged this by spilling her son’s secret.

She asked him, “Kuya, can I say that you have a crush on Julia?”

Julia Barretto

Ina then turned towards Julia and told her, “Maybe you’ll be my daughter-in-law?”

“Kaya pala ‘yung feeling ko sa kanya para ko siyang daughter kasi daughter-in-law ko pala siya in the future.”

And how did Julia feel about it?

Well, based on her reaction, she seems open to the idea.

She said, “Why not? Maybe!”

Ina Raymundo, Julia Barretto

Julia then asked Ina if she doesn’t mind at all that she’s way older than her son.

“You’re just seven years older. Hello, nagka-boyfriend ako seven years younger than me. Seven years, that’s not a big deal. Just wait ten years from now, you’ll be 33. Tingnan natin,” Ina retorted.

“Parang maliit na bagay na request lang eh no? Maghintay lang ako,” Julia replied in jest.

Note that during the first part of the clip, Julia described Ina as someone who’s “very dear to her heart.”

“She’s just somebody that I call my mom and I always tell her you’re my half momma and my half best friend,” said Julia. “That’s just the kind of relationship that I was able to build with her. Not a lot of people know that we have this kind of relationship.”

Watch the video below: