Art All Around: 'The Divine Feminine'

What is it to be a woman in our time? What does femininity actually mean? What is the definition of feminine power? 

“The Divine Feminine” explores what may be the source of a woman’s power, the female spirit which thrived in the more woman-oriented goddess cultures, only to be superseded by the patriarchal way of life.

Artists Katrina Cuenca and Marge Organo aim to push for more authentic, comprehensive, and refined representation of women within all facets of the Philippine art industry.

“The Divine Feminine” explores aspects of both female artist’s identity through their art, as well as each unique culture and narrative informed by their personal experiences as women of the arts. Whether the work is referencing the self and body, sexuality and gender, or conflict and healing within, each artist brings their distinctive perspective to the exhibition through unexpected visuals and contemporary techniques.

The ancient, feminine vessel form has become Marge Organo's signature element. Her intricately developed, multi-colored sculptures depicting motherhood continue to both challenge and entice audiences as she explores and expands the limits of traditional sculpture in her oeuvre of optical glass creations. Katrina Cuenca’s flowing abstractions focus on the representation of the feminine form. The movement of elements is her  expression of the internal states of the female being.

The creative gestures of Katrina and Marge are at once expressions of resiliency, defiance, and celebration of the female psyche.

“The Divine Feminine” will be on view from Dec. 9 to 12. 

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