Aiko Melendez experiences COVID-19 scare

Aiko Melendez's heart missed a beat when she randomly lost her sense of taste, which is said to be among symptoms of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

On Facebook, she recalled how she was immediately isolated on the set of the teleserye she's working on when it happened. 

Aiko Melendez

The actress shared how she was required to wear personal protective equipment until she got her result, which turned out negative.

She was also brought to a hospital for a swab test.

"And Dang that was the longest 45 minutes of my Life... waited and prayed. And what got me going was while I was escorted by the ambulance, back in the set they were all praying for me led by Direk Tuding Alajar," she shared.

She is, of course, referring to actress-director Gina Alajar, whom she said, acted like a mom and gave her a boost.

"Sharing this story coz being in a lockin set up is never easy, Everyday we pray for safety," she maintained. "Just to be able work and give our viewers what they deserve to watch comes risks also to our health. But my Lord is bigger than any of this scare!"

Aiko noted that she's "completely healed" and thankful that she's surrounded by people who prayed so hard for her.

"Salamat Lord! I'm back negative! And ready to be Kendra again..... in a few days our last stretch of lockin will come to end.... Can you blame me if I will surely be missing this set? We don’t know yet if there is book 2 so pls to our viewers give it your best shot to watch our remaining episodes. Buwis buhay episodes coming up! Like what I've said times like these you’ll know who’s up for concern and up dedma ahahahaha! Atleast I know."

She revealed that she had just tonsilitis that's why she lost her sense of taste, plus she had colds. Though she admitted that she indeed panicked at first.