This video will make you cry: Disney launches Christmas advert for 2020

Bring out the tissues!

Walt Disney has just released its Christmas advert 2020 and it will simply touch your heart. 

More than this, the advert is rich in Filipino traditions such as Simbang Gabi, jeepneys, "mano po," and lantern decorations.

The video has gone viral. As of 4 p.m. Monday, the video has been viewed more than three million.

Disney’s animated three-minute-long video follows the tale of one family through various generations, starting off with a little girl called Lola in 1940 given a Mickey Mouse toy as a Christmas gift, according to a report by 

"Skip forward to 2005 and Lola is now a grandmother and gifts the soft toy to her granddaughter, who plays with the iconic mouse.

"As the video goes on, the young woman realizes she has hurt her grandmother’s feelings and mends the ear before giving it to her on Christmas Day as the story comes full circle.

"She also decorates her grandmother’s home with the handmade star decorations they would make together when she was a child.

"The video ends with a simple message from Disney: “From our family to yours.”