'Beauty and the Boss' on iflix

A businessman who has no time for love sets her eyes on a woman who's charisma and attitude will make him fall in love.

iflix puts a twist on this classic storyline with its newest original series – Beauty And The Boss – which premiered last Friday, Nov. 6 , and every week thereof. There will be six episodes for the series.

Two of the country’s rising stars and former PBB Housemate Elisse Joson and Gino Roque IV, star in this romantic comedy which talks about falling in love from the guy’s point-of-view. Rafa (played by Roque) breaks away from the family business and opens his own café. Stella (Joson) is a young woman who applies to work at the café.

Her hardworking-ambitious attitude earns her high praise at work, but it’s her charm and kindness that seems to be winning someone’s heart. How will their love story, surrounded by cupcakes and all kinds of sweet treats, play out?

The series took 12 days to film, according to director James Mayo, during a digital press conference recently. Joson was a personal preference by Roque for the role, it was learned.

"Getting to know Ellise, I was intimidated at first. With Elise, she has all the characteristics of Stella and she's innate caring. She goes out of her way for all of us and you don't see that very often," said Roque.

Joson said: "He's really the boss and this role is basically like him and he's a nice boss, not "intimidating aura" like other bosses."

On working for their chemistry as love team, Roque said: "Our team chose Ellise because she embodies Stella… so they gravitated towards her."

Joson added: "It was pitched to me and I was like "why not?" I always enjoy to work with new people."