Did that RC Cola ad bother you? Check out all these other crazy great Pinoy commercials

That RC Cola commercial has recently been the talk of the town. It was absurd, truly. There’s no other way to describe it. Not of poor taste, mind you, but just plain nonsensical. It didn’t make any sense that there was no point trying to understand why it was done that way. 

In terms of crazy ads, though, this commercial was hardly the first nor the worst. All you need to do is watch Japanese TV to expand your definition of crazy commercials. 

But, all this talk about RC Cola has made us reminisce on some of the most iconic ads that have ever graced Philippine TV for 60, 30, or even 15 seconds (depending on the budget, really).

So if you’re tired of re-watching that RC Cola commercial, here are some other Pinoy ads you can revisit. 

‘Yung red

This ad from biscuit brand Fita was so good it even got a second version earlier this year. 


Paint ads are either direct to the point or miraculous or both. This one by Boysen was among those that didn’t seem to have any point, until you get to the end of the ad.  

Look at my mole

A classic. There really isn’t much to say. 

Ito ang gusto ko

Ok, this one we really just put here because of Francis M., but also because the lyrics to the jingle is already so woke it was way ahead of its time, long before most SJWs awakened.  

Long table

Not all of the best ads are funny. Some are really serious and meaningful, like this one from Lucky Me. 

Siguradong tey-pohk

Getting foreign ads and translating them into a local version isn’t new, but what this 90s katol ad uniquely does is to translate a foreign, Indiana-Jones-looking ad into Filipino while keeping the character’s thick ‘Murican accent. 

Langhap sarap in space

You want absurd? Here’s a 1989 ad from Jollibee that looks like it came from someone’s psychedelic-induced imagination.

1984 meets Apple meets Sarsi and Ryan Cayabyab

Here’s an ad that’s serious, but not really. Sure, it won the Creative Guild’s “TV Ad of the Year” award in 1989, and yes, it’s scored with a song composed by Ryan Cayabyab and performed by The Company, but there’s just something in this ad that makes it a tad bit disturbing. 

And just for the sake of showing it, here’s the crazy RC Cola ad. Enjoy!