Love K-drama? Then add these shows to your must-watch list

Director Jose "Joey" Javier Reyes trended again on social media, praising Korean shows for their variety and unique take on drama. And his analysis is pretty spot on, bringing out the same sentiments from K-drama-loving Filipinos online.

"Start Up is about setting up businesses. It's OK Not To Be OK is about mental health. Life is about healthcare and business. Itaewon Class is about dignity in ambition. Sky Castle is about parents and education. Record of Youth is about choices in life and the sacrifices you make," the director posted. "THIS is KDRAMA TODAY."

Now, if you’re like Direk Joey who can’t get help but fall for Korean entertainment, then you might want to take note of these Korean shows for your future Netflix and chill sesh.

The Call  

The Call

When 28-year-old Seo-yeon loses her cell phone on her way to visit her sick, estranged mother in a rural area, she digs up a decade-old cordless phone from the junk closet of her childhood home. She suddenly gets a call from a woman named Young-sook asking for her friend. Seo-yeon hangs up thinking the woman has the wrong number, but later learns that the call was coming from the same house 20 years ago. 

Streaming on Nov. 27.

The Uncanny Counter

Based on a popular webtoon of the same title, The Uncanny Counter is a satisfying tale of superheroes who, when not hunting down obstinate evil spirits, toil in a noodle shop. The dynamic story depicts the struggle between the evil spirits who come down to Earth from the afterworld to become immortal and the Counters, each endowed with a special gift such as brute strength, psychometry, and healing, who chase them down. 

Streaming on Nov. 28.

Run On 

Run On is a romantic drama about the intermingling of people who have trouble communicating, even while speaking in the same language. It features people from different backgrounds who nurture relationships using their own language. 

Streaming on Dec. 16.

Sweet Home 

Adapted from a popular webtoon of the same name, Sweet Home is a 10-episode VFX/SFX-filled thriller based on the unique world in which people turn into monsters that reflect their internal desires. Cha Hyeon-su, a reclusive high school student who moves into a new apartment called Green Home after a personal tragedy, faces a series of life-changing situations that brings him out to the world to save others.  

Streaming on Dec. 18.

Lovestruck in the City 

Lovestruck in the City is a realistic portrayal of young people who pursue romance and happiness while struggling to get by in a busy, competitive urban environment.  

Streaming this December.

Images from Netflix.