Man ‘hid mother’s body’ and drew her pension for years

Published November 24, 2020, 2:02 AM

by Agence France-Presse

A 67-year-old Slovenian man hid his mother’s dead body  in her apartment for years while collecting her pension and claiming she was alive, police and media said Monday.


Ljubljana’s police department said it had launched an investigation after relatives of a 97-year-old woman had reported her as a missing person and claimed that a close relative who was ostensibly taking care of her would not let them see or visit her.

“Police found the woman’s dead body in a Ljubljana apartment… her death is estimated to have happened years ago,” police spokesman Tomaz Tomazevic told public television.

He added the cause of her death had yet to be determined.

The man accused of keeping her body hidden while he collected her pension money was her son, according to reports on public television.

He is alleged to have assured his other relatives that the woman was alive but did not want to see them.

He is thought to have used a signed authorization from her to continue collecting her pension.

Private news website 24ur said the woman had been dead for six years, while public television reported her relatives last saw her in 2011.

Tomazevic said the suspect had been detained under charges of suspected fraud, desecration and involuntary manslaughter while an investigation is carried out.