Here’s the best okoy recipe according to Erwan Heussaff

Published November 24, 2020, 10:46 AM

by John Legaspi

Should the shrimps have shells or not?

In her book Kain Na! An Illustrated Guide to Philippine Food, author and food historian Felice Prudente Sta. Maria notes that fans of okoy want their favorite merienda served thin so it would be crisper and better. Matched with a chili and garlic-infused vinegar for a dip and you’re bound to have a savory eating experience.

Shrimp okoy sold during the Duman Festival of Santa Rita, Pampanga (Photo from Judgefloro)

Okoy or shrimp fritters vary from one cook to another. Some incorporate unripe papaya, bean sprouts, and squash, while others favor the use of sweet potato and carrots with the little addition of achuete to get that vibrant orange color. What is common among the varieties of okoy is the inclusion of shrimp or hibe and a binding agent, usually cornstarch or rice flour.

But with many versions of okoy on the table, at some point one may ask which one is better, if not, the best? To settle the debate, Erwan Heussaff presents an okoy recipe that, according to him, will give you the crispiest, tastiest okoy.

Erwan and his okoy dish (Photo from @erwan)

Inspired by Chef Tom Cunanan’s own recipe, Erwan shares through his YouTube channel and website The Fat Kid Inside on what makes the perfect okoy, including whether or not the shrimps should have shells. You can read his full recipe here or watch Erwan in the kitchen in action. Either way, happy cooking!