Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff launch their health and wellness app

Published October 29, 2020, 4:39 PM

by MB Lifestyle

Satisfy your fitness, food, and wellness needs with Rebel

As a result of prolonged quarantines and limited opportunities for socialization caused by Covid-19, Filipinos are learning more about themselves than ever before. 

With safety measures in place, our daily routines have been disrupted and the lines between personal and work life are often blurred. For these reasons, maintaining a balance between basic necessities and emotional wellbeing has become a challenging feat.

The good news is that exercise and mindfulness can alleviate these sentiments. Conversations around fitness have a tendency to center around weight loss and diets. Still, many experts agree that exercise, wholesome eating, and mindfulness do not only improve your body, but your general wellbeing, allowing people to feel better inside, have more energy, and become more productive.

All-in-one app Rebel is built with that mindset, and features fitness, food, and wellness coaching, and is designed to help Filipinos invest in themselves. Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff founded Rebel together with experienced technology entrepreneurs formerly from tech giant Rocket Internet (Lazada, Zalora, and Foodpanda) and food-delivery unicorn Deliveroo.

“We want to help people with all the things that will bring more value to their lives,”  says Nico. “Our health is so important and having access to videos and information that will lead you toward a balanced lifestyle is key.” 


Rebel gathers the best professional trainers in the country to design engaging yet highly effective workouts. Everyone is guaranteed to find something that gets them moving. With more than 200 videos available at launch, featuring yoga, muscle toning, dance, martial arts, bodyweight and HIIT workouts, the app users can look forward to exploring new ways to train. 

It also acts as a personal trainer with long term seven to 30-day programs tailored to fitness goals such as weight loss, muscle gain, and getting fit. New video uploads every week ensure that its library is always up-to-date with fresh programs and the most recent trends of the fitness industry.


Having a balanced diet is essential to one’s well-being. Rebel continuously creates recipes that are nutritious, convenient, and local. Embracing healthy eating habits naturally fortifies the immune system. 

Made for the Filipino taste buds, everyone can find a healthy dish to their liking that they can cook with easy to find ingredients. Users are also encouraged to learn the ABC’s of nutrients from trusted experts to ensure a well-rounded understanding of healthy cooking and eating. 


Mindfulness is equally as important as exercise. By fostering a community of mental health coaches and wellness experts on the app, Rebel gives members easy access to programs that help them seek calm, regulate emotions, and reduce stress and anxiety. 

The app motivates users to focus on their mental health by creating a daily habit of mindfulness exercises through guided meditations. Sleep audio guides and self-discovery discussions are also to be enjoyed by members in the near future.

Rebel is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.