Hilarious: Sneaky Grinch scares children at Christmas photoshoot

Photo courtesy of Amy Sue Childs/Facebook

The Grinch may have had a change of heart and saved Christmas, but some kids are apparently still convinced he’s a “mean one.”

An album shared on Facebook by user Marko Martin shows what can happen when Dr. Seuss’ infamous green never-do-well sneaks up on children who aren't expecting him. And the results are hilarious, for anyone who isn’t the kids in question, of course.

Photo courtesy of Amy Sue Childs/Facebook

In the now-viral album, young kids are posing for holiday photos when the Grinch suddenly emerges behind them. After seeing who’s joined them, the children pop up from the chair they’re sitting in and sprint away in utter terror.

The photographer, according to one Facebook post, is Amy Sue Childs. Apparently, she is based in Mississippi, US.  “It’s the second look for me,” Facebook user Quantina Lockhart jokingly captioned a video of his child running away from Grinch. “Here’s a sneak peek. Thank you, Amy Sue Childs.”

But not to worry, the kids did eventually manage to get the perfect holiday photos.