Ben & Ben's Paolo Benjamin Guico stans KathNiel

"Kathniel is a very solid couple. we stan"

This, along with a series of tweets by one of Ben & Ben's frontmen Paolo Benjamin Guico stirred the fandom of both KathNiel and Ben & Ben into a frenzy, garnering over 41,000 likes and over 8,000 retweets.

Paolo Guico's tweets:

"KathNiel is a very solid couple. we stan"

"they are the most real. hands down. pure, genuine,raw,good intentions and good vibes. Men"

"walang deletan"

excited fans responded while using the hashtag #KathNielxBenAndBen

user @KathNiel Fighters tweeted "#KathNielxBenAndBen soon can't wait"

"YeheySmiling face with heart-shaped eyes! fave artist and fave music opm band in one project, I'm so excited" user @Madaamhs posted

user @reinamariaaaa also posted: "Never expected your collab!!! definitely waiting"

Because of the rising speculations and excited comments from the fans, Paolo assured everyone to stay "chill" and calm down.

"Chill lang tayo" he tweeted.