Carla Abellana grieves over loss of her dog hours after she helped survive another dog

Kapuso star Carla Abellana is grieving the loss of her pet dog just a few hours after she helped survive the pooch of another pet owner.

On Instagram, Carla is seen being consoled by her boyfriend fellow Kapuso star Tom Rodriguez.

Carla's full post:

"Just this morning I paid for the surgery and medication of a Chihuahua mix from Bohol to help save him. His owner didn’t have enough money to have him treated and I couldn't say no to helping them out. Thank goodness he survived and is now back home.

"Little did I know that hours later I would rush my own WING to the Vet to try to save him as well. Except this time i wasn’t able to. I failed.

"Why is it that I am able to help save other animals and not my own, Lord? ?

"I’m trying to find comfort in his sister, Fly, making sure she doesn’t get confused or too lonely without her brother. They were inseparable, you see. That’s why I adopted them together.

"While I try to apologize to and comfort Fly, who keeps hiding in the corner of the living room or under our bedroom sofa, I fall asleep while crying on Wing’s bed, with his favorite pillow.

"Who’s gonna be greeting me first thing in the morning when i wake up? Who’s gonna wait for me to open my eyes before he comes stretching his way from his bed to mine to give me a morning kiss? ?

On Thursday, Nov. 19, Carla asked prayers from netizens for the well-being of her dog.

"My heart is broken again. And this time it has shattered into tiny pieces. ?

"These are the last photos I took of WING. He was being extra sweet this morning. I had no idea those were to be his final moments.

"Please say a prayer for my WING? And for his sister, Fly, who is starting to get depressed right now."

A staunch supporter of animal rights, Carla's celebrity friends and netizens have also consoled her.