10 agents of change in the Philippine photography scene

Artists supporting artists

BETWEEN THE LINES Gina Osterloh questions our notion of self identity

Despite the current Covid-19 health crisis, kindness and cooperation are pervasive. This holds true even in the art industry. 

To celebrate Filipino talent, Italian Ambassador Giorgio Guglielmino and businessman Hugo Bunzl in collaboration with The Drawing Room produced a portfolio titled “2020.” The project consists of 10 original photographs, each numbered and signed by well-respected artists and photographers in the country.

In an edition of 33 copies, the folio will be sold through the Drawing Room Gallery. Profits from the sales would go to five Filipino artists, who will receive a grant of ₱300,000 each.

EVERYTHING IS IN THE BOX The 2020 Agents of Change Artists Supporting Artists box set

Media artist, educator, curator, and cultural organizer Angel Velasco Shaw supported the initiative. Used in the productions were the facilities of Pioneer Studios.

All of the works in the folio tackle the unique struggles Filipinos are facing in the pandemic.

Here's a brief profile on each participating artist.

Among the most respected photographers in the country, At Maculangan is famous for his crisply shot portraits and beautifully lit interiors. 

Popular in the international art community, Gina Osterloh is a conceptual artist who employs photography to question notions of identity. 

INVERTED SPECTRUM Manny Montelibano visual language reflects the Philippine cultural landscape, which in this case is the country in the pandemic

Known for his unique and bold style, Kawayan de Guia is popular for his ability to transform seemingly unrelated objects into one seamless picture. 

Kiri Dalena is well-recognized in the international art community for her works on Philippine history, politics, and social justice. 

Manny Montelibano’s work is always subtle in its expression of the psychology of contemporary socio-political and religious structures. 

Neal Oshima creates covers with a wide range of subjects, all of which carry his signature style of expressiveness and storytelling.

An internationally applauded visual artist, Paul Pfeiffer is renowned for his application of modern technology to create nuanced art pieces. 

All of the works in the folio tackle the unique struggles Filipinos are facing in the pandemic.

Poklong Anading is a contemporary artist who likes to assume the role of observer in his images, which explores fact and memory. 

Multi-awarded contemporary artist Wawi Navarroza snaps photos that often delve into the id or self, and how life often meets art in strange ways. 

Yason Banal is a multimedia artist who employs his work to search for hidden meanings within common images.