Public warned against use of fake CopperMask

CoppermaskPH has tapped the assistance of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in helping stop the rampant selling of fake CopperMasks mostly sold in Divisoria, Manila, and in some social media online stores.

This is to inform the public and our valued customer about the spread of the unsafe fake CopperMask being sold in the market today. Please see the above photo for your safety and protection.

CopperMaskPH is the company that brought to the public the first and the original CopperMask that trended in social media, and which various celebrities and prominent public figures are seen wearing during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Known not only for its natural effectiveness in helping stop the spread of bacteria and viruses, it’s also considered as a must-have fashionable wearable protection during the course of the pandemic.

In recent customer complaints, CopperMaskPH found out that some establishments in Divisoria are selling fake CopperMask imitations. The white box which housed the fake CopperMask looks convincingly similar to the original 1st version packaging.

Say NO to FAKE. Be aware of the difference between the original CopperMask 2.0 and the fake one.

The package inside the said box, however, tells a different and alarming story. Upon investigation of the said item, CopperMaskPH’s legal team found out that the fake and imitated CopperMask film has a different texture and color tone.

The CopperMask 1.0 that was release early this year has a soft film. The fake CopperMask 1.0 being sold in the market today has a different texture and color tone.

CopperMaskPH officials has disclosed that they have already stopped manufacturing and selling the mask’s first version, that comes in the white box packaging and now being imitated by some  individuals with intent of fooling the public.

For the awareness and safeness of everyone, CopperMask Philippines would like to inform the public that CopperMask 1.0 is already phase out and will no longer be produce.

Aside from that, CopperMask legal team also found out that the fake ones are being sold way below the company’s suggested retail price. These fake masks are sold cheap, a strong indication that the items are not genuine.

It does not conform to CopperMaskPH’s manufacturing standards. Even the fonts on its stickers are different. The fake CopperMask color tone is far from the version 1’s original light copper finish. These are just some of the few observations the CopperMaskPH’s legal team disclosed. They (CopperMaskPH’s Legal team) also added that the fake mask’s failure to conform to safety and

manufacturing standards is indicative of little or no infused copper strands, the main material for CopperMasks efficacy against stopping certain bacteria and viruses.

Alarming findings like these can greatly affect the public’s health when they are under the impression that they bought a genuine article only to find out that it was a cheap, imitated functionless product.

Fake CopperMask means that the natural disinfecting capabilities are absent, threatening public health which affects the mask’s ability to fight off and help stop deadly pathogens.

The NBI is currently handling the matter and had assured the public that it will arrest individuals found selling fake CopperMask and will be prosecuted in the court of law.

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