Momoland comes back with new song ‘Ready Or Not’ with help from rapper Psy

Momoland (MLD Entertainment)

K-pop girl group Momoland made their return to the music scene with the release of the single album “Ready Or Not” on Nov. 17.

The song was made in collaboration with rapper Psy whose “Gangnam Style” became a global hit in 2012. “Ready Or Not” contains three songs including the special track “Merry Go Round.”

Psy wrote the lyrics for “Ready Or Not” while the composers are Alexander Karlsson, Alexej Viktorovitch and Louise Lindberg

“Made this banger with some awesome peeps including non other than Psy himself. Thank you everyone involved in making this happen,” Karlsson posted on Instagram about “Ready Or Not.”

The main track “Ready Or Not” is a teen pop track, finished with a defining saxophone hook and upbeat power that sings of a girl’s will to show her worth and charm at the prom party.

Psy earlier said that “Momoland is a junior (singer) who is excited in expressing exciting music. I’m happy to participate in this new song. After listening to the demo song, I liked it so much that I was happy to participate in the songwriting.”

"Momoland's new song has become more unique and more complete with Psy's participation,” said MLD Entertainment, Momoland’s agency.

The song was released following Momoland’s hit songs “BBoom BBoom,” “BAAM” and “Thumbs Up.” It was also released to coincide with Momoland’s fourth anniversary since debuting in November 2016.

“Thank you to the members and fans who have been with us for four years,” Nayun said during Momoland’s album showcase on Nov. 17.

Nancy said even if they are already in their fourth year, “I feel nervous every time we release a new album.”

With the ongoing pandemic, K-pop stars are unable to meet their fans personally. According to Jane, there are a lot of online or non-face-to-face fan meetings nowadays and said she hopes that it will be an opportunity to inform overseas fans of their songs through such means.