Jil Sander’s comeback collection with Uniqlo is now in the Philippines. Here are the best styles

Published November 17, 2020, 4:31 PM

by John Legaspi

“I was kind of super impressed with how Jil had managed to be in perfect sync with Uniqlo,” says Vogue creative director Grace Coddington. “I think and hope that fashion will be better made, better fabrics, more considered, not really so throw away.”

That is what the comeback collection of German fashion designer Jil Sander with Japanese retail brand Uniqlo is all about. After a decade since their last collaboration, the two fashion giants join forces again in bringing new and timeless pieces as the new global staples, merging luxury and accessibility.

“I set out to define the global modern uniform with this in mind: Clothes should be long-lasting and enduring,” Sander says. “They should serve the wearer and give her or him the energy and self-assurance that is so much needed in our global reality.”

The long-awaited Uniqlo +J 2020 fall/winter collection features minimalist basics—a true Sander design hallmark—with the season’s essentials including utilitarian parkas, cashmere sweaters, and wool trousers. The collection also features casual pieces like easy suits and shirts, all in a sense of enlightened understatement.

Launching the collections here in the Philippines, Uniqlo tapped noted Filipina fashion stylists Pam Quiñones to tell more about the collection and how everyone can incorporate it in their wardrobe. 

“It’s really about how you feel about wearing the outfit. At the end of the day, you have to pick something you will not fidget, choose something that will make you feel comfortable,” Quiñones tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “More than anything, the idea of Uniqlo Lifewear is for you to wear something to make your life better and easier.”

Here are some of Quiñones’ styling tips and notes about the collection.

Shared wardrobe

These days, mixing feminine pieces with menswear is not just a thing ladies do. According to Quiñones, many of the pieces from the collection can be worn and mixed and matched by both men and women. 

“This whole shared wardrobe is something that is also a very Jil Sander ethos from way back,” she says. “She’s always made pieces that aren’t close to the body and have some really nice proportions.”

Back to black

Even though the collection features other fall/winter hues such as burgundy and blues, most of the pieces are in bold black.

“Black is sleek and sharp, very reminiscent of the fashion from the music scene in the ’60s. It also has a very anti-fashion vibe of the ’90s,” she says.

Q-tip: Black, just like white, is a great canvas. Elevate an all-black ensemble by wearing metallic accessories, adding color on your beauty look, or donning playful pumps. For the gents, if wearing black head-to-toe is too severe for their taste, navy is the color to go.

Oversized and cozy

As the weather gets cooler, it’s becoming more easy to layer up and discover stylish and comfy outerwear.

“It is all about looking chic while feeling cozy,” she says. “The collection’s oversized coats are versatile. They have a relaxed and easy structure, not very stiff. If you put one over a dressy look, it compliments it. If you put it on a casual look, it elevates it.”

Q-tip: Quiñones’ advice for styling with oversized pieces is to have a cinched waist or to highlight the smallest parts of your body. Wearing a boxy suit with a belt on a waist or an oversized coat over a flattering cashmere sweater will do the trick.

Urban and street

Uniqlo +J collection is full of utilitarian outerwear that fit both in the city or cooler terrains. Its ribbed blouson will look great even with a buttoned-down shirt and simple trousers for the gents. For the ladies, the hybrid down jacket can make your athletic wear transition from the gym to the street. 

Uniqlo +J 2020 fall/winter collection is now available in Uniqlo Manila Global Flagship Store at Glorietta 5, Makati City.