Care in time of Covid

Angel Thoughts

It’s not how much money we make that ultimately makes us happy between nine and five. It’s whether or not our work fulfills us. —Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell

Very often, businesses measure success either by profit, customer satisfaction, assets acquired, or some other metric. To the enlightened businessmen and women, financial metrics are not the end-all and be-all of a thriving business. It is now more about how much of a positive impact it can give to people and communities.

Recently, I learned some things about the company that produces canned meats and I’m quite familiar with—Century Pacific Food Inc. (CPFI). Their product brands are pretty much household names (and staples in my pantries here in my Manila home and in my Tagaytay second home) but more important, they’re in almost every single relief pack in times of disasters or calamities, making them a comforting presence to those in need.

We housewives know them as “emergency food” as do the recipients of relief packs and oftentimes gift baskets. They include my favorite tuna brands, Century Tuna (in water, oil, flakes, chunks), 555 Tuna, and Fresca Sardines, Birch Tree fortified milk, and Argentina corned beef and meat loaf, and Hunts beans! All “manna” from heaven!

Being a large corporation, however, did not spare CPFI from the difficulties that came when Covid-19 struck. If anything, it made them dig deep in their corporate social conscience and put in the forefront the importance of every person in the country.

Food manufacturing was especially affected because it was tough to accelerate production while steering clear from contamination in a time of a pandemic. As we reach 200 days since the outbreak, some companies have had difficulty observing mandatory preventive safety protocols. The industry had to contend with the tough times that affected supplies and their target markets, difficulties that everyone was experiencing. The food supply, as well as relief efforts, would be severely hamstrung.

CPFI had to ensure that all work sites were clean and transmission-free. Fortunately, their compliance with cleanliness protocols—the daily disinfection of all areas, thorough temperature checks at all entryways, and regular provisions of personal protective equipment (PPE)—all these addressed the issue of the safety of all employees at work. Happily, even outside the workplace, employee care at CPFI is not forgotten as each one in need is supported by the company with food and financial assistance. Great, eh?

Provisions such as these are essential to ensure that employees are well and able to meet the climbing demand in supply brought about by the pandemic. Through said provisions, CPFI was able to supply the Philippines and neighboring countries with canned meat, whether for daily purchasing needs or pandemic relief.

Apart from being the company behind ayuda and relief pack mainstays, I’ve been told that CPFI also directly supports affected communities through Century Cares, a program formed under the KAIN PO Foundation. The program, with the help of external and independent agencies, donates food and other needs for those affected and displaced by the pandemic.

Century Cares has also facilitated food drives, through the help of non-government organizations, that focus on aid for medical frontliners. They also bolstered the Ingat-Angat Tayong Lahat campaign, which has a two-pronged approach of reinvigorating the economy and containing the virus.

While the world waits for a cure or treatment that, with hope, will mitigate the disastrous effects of Covid-19, we are brought to reflect about how we run our businesses and even our daily lives. These challenging times showed what, or in this case, who, is more important—how helping others is more fulfilling than just being self-centered; that self-preservation includes helping others.

Yes, let the big corporations with generous corporate hearts help the less fortunate!

                                                                       * * *

The embarrassment of having a still-incumbent, although clearly defeated Chief Executive hurling invectives and unsubstantiated accusations against his political opponents, their supporters, media, government agencies etc, was too much for some television stations in the US that they cut off his briefing from the White House. First time in the history of this great nation!

Of course, who are we onlookers to criticize the election process of this great nation from whom we got the principles of democracy and freedom, an unbiased  and  free constitution from? Hail to the Chief, and better Phil-US relations!

Stay safe everyone!