Floods submerge 132 villages in Bulacan; 1,697 families now in 83 evacuation centers

Published November 14, 2020, 12:19 AM

by Freddie Velez

It’s a smiling sunny day earlier today but many residents in this province particularly in 29 villages of Calumpit, 8 villages in Hagonoy, 15 barangays in Bocaue, and 10 villages in Angat, are still suffering from rising floodwaters due to the release of water from Angat dam. 

Governor Daniel R. Fernando earlier advised residents in flood-prone areas to be alert because the two days of heavy rains brought by Typhoon Ulysses caused the sudden increase in the water elevation of Angat, Ipo, and Bustos dams and operators have no choice but to release excess waters.  

 The latest situation report from the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO)  showed that the flooded barangays in Calumpit were Balungao, 1-2 feet; Balite, 1-3 feet; Bulusan, 2-4 feet; Buguion, 1-3 feet; Calizon, 1-5 feet; Calumpang, 1 foot; Caniogan, 1-4 feet; Corazon, 1-3 feet; Frances, 1-5 feet; Gatbuca, 1-5 feet; Gugo, 1-4 feet; Iba Este, 1-3 feet; Iba O’ Este, 1-3 feet; Longos, 1 foot; Meyto, 1-4 feet; Meysulao, 1-6 feet; Palimbang, 1-3 feet; Panducot, 1-4 feet; Piocruzcosa, 1-4 feet; Poblacion, 1-2 feet; Pungo, 2-4 feet; San Jose, 1-4 feet; San Miguel, 2-6 feet; San Marcos, 1-4 feet; Sapang Bayan, 1-5 feet; Sergio Bayan, 1-4 feet, Sta. Lucia, 1-4 feet; Sto Niño, 2-4 feet, and Sucol, 1-3 feet. 

In Hagonoy, flooded villages were Iba, 1-2 feet; Palapat, 2-3 feet; San Agustin, 1- 2 ½ feet; San Isidro, 2-3 feet; San Juan, 2-4 feet; San Miguel, 2 feet; San Pedro, 1-2 feet; Sta. Monica, 1-2 feet, and Tampok, 1-2 feet. 

As of 1:pm flooded barangays in Bocaue were Bagumbayan, 1-4 feet; Bambang, 1-5 feet; Binang 2nd, 1-3 feet; Bolacan, 1-2 feet; Bundukan 1-2 feet; Caingin, 1-4 feet; Igulot, 1-3 feet; Poblacion, 1-3 feet; Sulucan, 1-5 feet; Taal,  1-5 feet; Tambubong, 1-4 feet; Turo, 1-3 feet; Lolomboy, 1-4 feet; Bunlo, 1-4 feet; Antipona,  1-7 feet and Binang 1st,  1-2 feet.

In Angat, flooded were the villages of San Roque, 1-6 feet; Sto. Cristo, 1-6 feet; Santa Lucia, 1-6 feet; Binagbag, 1-3 feet; Marungko, 1-3 feet; Niugan, 1-3 feet; Sulucan, 1-3 feet; Donacion, 1-3 feet; Sta. Cruz, 1-3 feet and Taboc, 1-3 feet.

The Barangay Mandile of San Miguel town was also under 1 to 3 feet of floodwaters. As of 9 a.m. Balagtas villages Panginay, Santol, Wawa, San Juan, Longos, and Borol 1st, were all submerged under 1 to 2 feet flood. In Marilao, the flooded villages were Nagbalon, 1 foot; Ibayo, 1 foot; Tabing Ilog, 2 and a half; Poblacion 11, 1 foot; and Abangan Sur, 1 and a half.

As of 6 pm, flooded barangays in Bustos were Catacte, 1-2 feet; Bonga Mayor, 1-2 feet; Bonga Menor, 1-2 feet; Tanawan, 1-2 feet; Poblacion,1-2 feet;  San Pedro,1-2 feet; Talampas, 1-2 feet, and Cambaog, 1-2 feet.

In Paombong town, the following were hit by floods: San Isidro II, 1 ½ foot; San Isidro I, 1 foot; Pinalagdan, 1 foot; Sto. Rosario, 2 feet; Poblacion,1 foot; San Jose, ½ ft; San Vicente, 1 ½ foot; San Roque, 1 ½, and Malumot, 1 foot.

In Plaridel, flooded villages were Bulihan, 1-2 feet; Culianin, 1-2 feet; Dampol, 1-3 feet; Lagundi, 1-2 feet; Poblacion, 1-2 feet; San Jose, 1-3 feet, Sipat, 1-2 feet; Sta Ines, 1 foot; Sto Nino, 1-3 feet, and Tabang, 1 foot. As of 5 pm, flooded villages in Pulilan were the villages of Dampol 1st, 1-2 feet; Dampol 2nd B, 1 foot; Penabatan, 1 foot; Sinipit, 1 foot; Sto. Cristo, 1-2 feet; Taal, 3 feet, and Tabon, 1-3 feet.

In the city of Malolos, flooded villages were Atlag, 2 ½  feet; Bagna, 1 foot; Bulihan, 2 feet; Caingin, 1 foot; Canalate, 1 ½  foot; Caniogan, 1 foot; Catmon, 1 foot; Liang, 1 foot; Look 1st,  2 feet; Mabolo, 1 foot; Mambog, 1 foot; Mojon, 1 foot; Panasahan, 1 foot; Pinagbakahan, 1 foot; Santor, 1 foot; San Vicente, 1 ½ foot; Sto. Cristo, 3 feet; Sto. Rosario, 2 feet; Sumapang Matanda, 1 foot and Tikay, 2 feet.

Meanwhile, the PDRRMO reported that 1,697 families or 4,981 individuals from Bulakan, Calumpit, Paombong, Hagonoy, Pulilan, and City of Malolos were temporarily housed at the 83 evacuation centers in the province.

The following are not passable to all types of vehicles: Sta. Maria-Macaiban Bridge and Pasong Tumana, Guiguinto Poblacion, Malolos-McArthur Highway in front of NFA, Tikay; Barangay Turo in Bocaue, Angat-Banaban bridge,
Baybay Bridge, Laog, and the Marilao-Lias Road.