#CagayanNeedsHelp: Netizens’ appeal for help goes viral on social media

Published November 14, 2020, 12:29 AM

by Jel Santos

Netizens who hailed from Cagayan have called on the national government and well-meaning people to help them as most of the province’s areas are still submerged in floodwater due to Typhoon Ulysses.

(photo from Facebook)

In a now viral post of Monica Shaine Time-Jimenez, she appealed for the media to help residents by covering their predicament in Cagayan and facilitating donations of relief goods.

“The flood is rising continually due to heavy rains. Please help us reach the media by using these hashtags. Tweet or post using these hashtags. CAGAYAN IS CALLING FOR HELP,” she said in her post.

This was also the plea Facebook user Fatima Domingo whose post also went viral, saying Cagayan “is also part of the Philippines.”

Domingo called on other netizens to get the attention of the national media so that well-meaning people can send them help.

“I have been watching news since yesterday and I see little to no media coverage of the recent flooding in Cagayan Valley and Isabela. In fact, this is one of the worst, if not the worst flooding Cagayaños and Isabeleños have experienced since decades,” she wrote.

Domingo claimed that many people are asking to be rescued as they are already on their rooftops.

“[B]ut truth be told, our LGUs do not have enough equipment and manpower to rescue. They have been rescuing since yesterday, nonstop. Some people are still stranded in their houses filled with flood water up to now,” she said.

“Families with kids, senior citizens and sick members have been crying for help since this morning. There are still people who need to be rescued as of this moment, especially in Tuguegarao City which is still submerged in water.”

As of writing, the post of Jimenez now reached 7.1K reactions while the post of Domingo garnered 8.1K reactions. Such reactions on Facebook were attained within three hours after they were posted.

The posts of the netizens are both containing photos of supposed flooded areas in Cagayan.

Many other netizens from Cagayan also posted the same appeal as they use the hashtag #CagayanNeedsHelp on Facebook.