Flooded at home, daughter pleads for rescue as mom is running out of oxygen

Marikina is one of the Metro Manila cities badly affected by typhoon Ulysses. There are a lot of residents who have been posting online, asking for help and to be rescued.

One of them is Angelie who posted on her personal Facebook account photos of her mom who has stage 4 lung cancer. Not only do they need to be rescued, they also need more oxygen tanks for her mom who just went through an operation. 

Few hours later, another netizen Mandy Eunice Ofima posted on her Facebok account an update that they were rescued. A photo of a man named Patrick Doromal drove to their house to rescue them up in a black pick-up truck. Mandy included in her post, asking netizens if anyone could donate an oxygen tank. 

For those who may be able to extend help, please get in touch with them at 09262381185.