‘Fall in love’ with Ena Mori’s wholesome, DIY music video

Published November 9, 2020, 4:33 PM

by Kerry Tinga

The classically trained Filipino-Japanese singer-songwriter creates a fantastical music video in her grandmother’s garden in Japan

Screenshot from “FALL INLOVE!” / Photo courtesy of Offshore Music

“I grew up in Japan and left the country when I was 15, so being here for a long time brings me back so much nostalgia,” Filipino-Japanese singer-songwriter Ena Mori shares with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “On a positive note, I go back to my original intentions.”

Originally disappointed that she would be unable to film the music video she envisioned due to the quarantine restrictions, that sense of nostalgia has influenced her latest video for her single “FALL INLOVE!” Arguably, the do-it-yourself (DIY) nature of the video, filmed in her grandmother’s garden, is more attuned to our current climate. We are all more reflective as our lives have been put into perspective.

The young Offshore Music talent has been making waves in the local music scene with her refreshing and upbeat indie-pop style. Ena Mori’s debut EP launched earlier this year with a grand party at XX:XX. It was one of the last events at the now-closed Makati bar and club. How much can change in just a couple of months? While the classically trained musician was prepared to capitalize on the momentum of her music career, once the effects of the pandemic became apparent, she and her family thought it best to stay in Japan in the meantime.

Screenshot from “FALL INLOVE!” / Photo courtesy of Offshore Music

“After dealing with a lot of the chaos that came from the lockdown, and my father’s passing, I’m glad that I’m able to stay here with my family for a while,” Ena Mori continues. While this period has been a moment of reflection, it has also become one of inspiration. “In the middle of the pandemic, I was inspired by all the DIY things that people started to do from the comfort of their own homes during the quarantine.”

With the help of her little sister, Ena Mori shot every scene of her latest music video in her grandmother’s garden. In a way, the gardens represent the boundaries of our world today. At the same time, it harkens back to the days of being a child, amused by nothing more than its own imagination. A simple garden can become anything and everything.

Screenshot from “FALL INLOVE!” / Photo courtesy of Offshore Music

With just a little bit of sunshine, creativity can flourish and thrive.

“It turned out better than what I expected,” she exclaims. “What I’m hoping is that this video will inspire people to continue to push forward and do what they want to do in life, no matter what.”

The single “FALL INLOVE!” was written together with her good friends Timothy Marquez of One Click Straight and Zild Benitez of IV of Spades one quiet afternoon prior to the quarantine. While being in Japan with her family has provided her with a sense of security and well-being during these trying times, like all of us, she longs for days gathered together with other people.

“What I miss most about the Philippines is the community. I miss jamming with my friends and connecting over the music. As much as I know how difficult the situation will be once I come back, I seek my connections there,” Ena Mori continues. “I want to recharge myself as much as I can with my family here in Japan and, with hope, I could start fresh in the Philippines with new music.”

Until then, we can all find comfort in the limitless boundaries of imagination. Watch the music video of “FALL INLOVE!” here:

“FALL INLOVE” is available to listen on all streaming platforms.