‘Di Ka Sayang’ hits No. 1 on Spotify

Published November 8, 2020, 5:00 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Following the release of Ben & Ben’s “Di Ka Sayang” on social media platforms and various multimedia outlets, the song has reached the top spot of Spotify’s Philippines Top 50 playlist.

Before the announcement was made, the song’s cover art became an instant playground for digital artists and their bizarre concepts aimed at making people happy.

This may have contributed to the sudden rise of the song’s ranking de-throning another hit song, Moira Dela Torre’s “Paubaya.”

The OPM folk band expressed their gratitude in a Facebook post Nov. 7.

Ben&Ben’s FB page’s full post:

“today, di ka sayang hit # 1 on the Top 50. we didn’t know that the message of the song would resonate with so many of you. to be honest, we were very anxious of how it would be received because we know that to sing about self-acceptance is a tremendous task because, we respect and understand that we all have our own struggles, especially at these times.

“but sometimes, hearing the words “di ka sayang” and “tanggap kita” is all we need to begin our journey of healing, and embracing our true self, especially if we’ve come from a place of feeling hopeless and worthless. and so we fought really really hard to get the message out there.

“we hope this song has somehow helped you in your path to self-healing. no matter what you are going through right now, we’re here for you, through the music. kain na kayo dinner na sana masarap ulam niyo.”