‘Nakakaangas’: Paul Lee likes his ‘goatie’ the way it is

Published November 6, 2020, 4:10 PM

by Carlo Anolin

Screenshot from Paul Rubie Tokyo Lee’s YouTube channel

Paul Lee has maintained a cool image as a player in the entirety of his basketball career, from his rise to stardom in University to the East and now in the PBA.

In his nine-year PBA career, Lee was known for his monikers as the “Angas ng Tondo” and “Lethal Weapon.” These nicknames came from his deep basketball roots as well as crystal clear skills as a point guard– from his deadly shooting to witty playmaking calls.

Now, in the PBA bubble, the 31-year-old Lee is trying to add more sides to his created persona.

Aside from focusing on losing weight and developing ripped arms and chiseled body this year–mostly due to quarantine and the long hiatus–Lee is experimenting on a new look; not too far and not too near from James Harden’s iconic “beard.” After all,  Harden is called “The Beard” for that reason.

The same goes for Lee, who doesn’t want to lose the “goatie.” 

Answering multiple questions from his social media followers, Lee simply wanted to boost that “badass” look.

“Nakakaangas,” Lee answered to a certain user @harvyy_veakss during the #AskPaulLee session with his wife Rubie posted on YouTube Thursday.

“Natuwa na kasi ako tapos parang mas bumagay sa akin, then ayun, pinatubo ko na lang siya,” the Magnolia Hotshots star added. 

“Kasi noong bata ako kasi wala naman akong ganito. ‘Di ko naman inexpect. Ta’s nung bumagay naman sa akin, ayun na, pinapa-stay ko na alng siya tapos tini-trim ko na lang.”

Rubie, for her part, recalled the time when his husband was still part of Rain or Shine. In those five years with the Elasto Painters, Lee’s physique is far from the present. 

He would rely on his plumpy and rounded arms minus that rebellious-looking facial hair, while maintaining a cold-blooded attitude during play and fierce game-face on. “‘Pag wala kasi ‘yun, nakikita ‘yung double chin niya,” jested Rubie.

Still, with or without the goatie, Lee is now Magnolia’s lethal weapon and the one and only “Angas ng Tondo.”

Lee is averaging 20.5 points, 3.88 rebounds, 2.5 assists, and 1.38 steals in eight games in the Philippine Cup as Magnolia continues to climb up the leaderboard at 4-4 record.