Safe Davao QR registration site crashed, no cyber-attack detected

Published November 5, 2020, 8:15 AM

by Art Samaniego

Two days before the deadline, Davao City residents came in droves digitally to register for the Safe Davao QR code causing the servers to crash due to a heavy volume of traffic. Those who are lucky to get in earlier were plagued with errors that caused registrations to fail. 

The major cause of traffic-related website crashes is a mismatch between the number of users coming to a website and the capacity of the site’s infrastructure to support this volume of visitors coming in simultaneously. The tech team of the Davao City government is now “decongesting” the site.

This is now a major concern among Davao City residents as the city government issued a directive that beginning November 7, people caught in the streets without their personal Safe Davao QR code would be apprehended. The directive also includes non-residents of the city.

The Safe Davao QR or DQR would be used to help control the further spread of the COVID-19 in the city. In a directive issued on November 3, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte underscored the importance of contact tracing in combating COVID-19.

“With the QR, we can easily trace those people in contact with a positive person in a certain area. Also, the paper and pen contact tracing form, it has compromised the privacy of data and is a potential source of transmission of the virus,” Duterte said in a radio interview.

Duterte said the “Safe Davao QR” or DQR could also be used as a pass to enter and travel inside Davao City.

“If they are from other provinces and work here in the city, they need to secure their DQR. If they only visit the city, they still have to get the DQR,” she said.


If you encounter the same errors mentioned above, just check again to register and get your personal QR code.