CSC OKs 5-day leave for gov’t workers affected by ‘Quinta,’ ‘Rolly’

Published November 4, 2020, 4:13 PM

by Ellson Quismorio

The Civil Service Commission announced Wednesday that government employees directly affected by typhoons “Quinta” and “Rolly” may apply for a special five-day leave.


The CSC highlighted Memorandum Circular Nos. 2 and 16 issued Feb. 16, 2012 and Oct. 17, 2012, respectively, which contained guidelines for the grant of the special emergency leave for State employees affected by natural calamities or disasters.

“The special emergency leave shall be for a maximum of five days in a year and non-deductible from the employee’s earned leave credits. It may be availed of within 30 days from the actual occurrence of the natural calamity for five straight working days or on staggered basis,” the CSC said.

This privilege may be used for urgent repair and clean-up of damaged house, being stranded in affected areas, disease and illness of employees brought by natural calamity and disaster, or caring of immediate family members affected by natural calamity and disaster.

The special emergency leave shall be based on the declaration of state of calamity by the President of the Philippines or the local sanggunian (council) in the affected area, the CSC noted.

However, in case a specific area was not declared to be under a state of calamity, the head of agency may still grant the special emergency leave based on proof or evidence to be presented by the employee or relevant news accounts.

The CSC added that the head of agency or office shall take full responsibility for the grant of special emergency leave and shall set parameters in granting the leave, like verification of the situation and extent of damage caused by the calamity to affected employees.

Any extension of the allowed maximum five days of special emergency leave shall be subject to the discretion of the head of agency and the agency’s internal policy on the matter. Agencies are urged to come up with internal guidelines in the grant of the special emergency leave, the CSC added.