Piñol calls on Mindanao food producers to prepare to send food to areas hit by ‘Rolly’

Published November 2, 2020, 12:29 AM

by Armando Fenequito, Jr.

DAVAO CITY — The Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) has called on Mindanao’s agriculture sector to prepare to send the food requirements of the people in areas hit by Typhoon Rolly.

MinDA Chairman Manny Piñol(MinDA / MANILA BULLETIN)
MinDA Chairman Manny Piñol(MinDA / MANILA BULLETIN)

In a statement, MinDA Secretary Emmanuel Piñol said he already issued a call to food producers after the recent tie-up with PSI Air Cargo for the launch of the Mindanao Food Skyway allows the airlift of food to the isolated parts of the country.

“The Mindanao Food Skyway is supposed to be launched on Nov. 12 with an inaugural shipment of fish and marine products from Tawi Tawi to La Union for the Baguio City MinDA Tienda,” he said.

However, anticipating a crisis on food and other supplies in disaster-hit areas on Sunday, he called PSI Air Cargo CEO Amirh Moghadassi to prepare for an early activation of the Mindanao Food Skyway.

“I asked him to prepare PSI Air’s three cargo planes – 2 Boeing 737 and one Boeing 727 – for the food airlifting if necessary,” he said.

Piñol said Moghadassi told him that two Boeing 737 and one Boeing 727 are on standby for possible airlift operations.

Piñol said he also sent a message to Mindanao hog raisers, poultry raisers and fishing sector to anticipate a demand for their produce.

He said leaders of provinces affected by the typhoon could coordinate with MinDA if they need food supplies.

“They could directly contact me, Undersecretary Janet Lopoz or Assistant Secretaries Romeo Montenegro and Cherry Santos Akbar,” Piñol said.