How to keep pets safe during typhoons

Published November 1, 2020, 5:31 PM

by Gabriela Baron

Pets in areas affected by typhoons should have up-to-date contact information on their pet collars, according to an animal welfare group.

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) shared tips on how to take care of pets during this time.

“Indicate up-to-date contact information on the pet collar. In case you and your pet get separated, your pet can be easily returned to you,” PAWS said.

PAWS also advised pet owners to also keep a leash or carrier near the exit of their homes.

“When the time comes that there is a need to evacuate, having a leash or carrier will help manage moving to another location with you,” the group added.

Preparing a pet emergency kit with food and water that will last up to two weeks is also important, according to the welfare group.

PAWS is also encouraging pet owners to ask relatives and friends to temporarily shelter their pets in case the evacuation area will not allow animals.

Typhoon Rolly (International name Goni) made landfall on Sunday morning, with weather officials predicting “catastrophic wind damage” as it roars through the Philippines.