Execration recovers from early slump to outwit Blacklist

Comeback is the name of Execration's game. 

Execration once again prevailed in late game before sweeping Blacklist International, 2-0, to steal the group lead in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pro League-Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 6 on Friday night. 

Boasting a 100-percent win rate in games extending to 18 minutes and up, Execration completed a come-from-behind win in the series opener and kept its engine going from there to secure the second game. 

The Billy "Z4pnu" Alfonso-coached team hiked its tally to 24 points to surpass Blacklist (22 points) and defending champion Aura Philippines (21 points). 

Blacklist was on the verge of victory in Game 1 but decided to play it safe by taking the third Lord in the 20th minute. 

However, that opened a window for a Diversion play from Patrick James "E2MAX" Caidic's Luo Yi that allowed Execration to crush four Blacklist heroes and go straight on the midlane for the comeback win. 

Joshua "Ch4knu" Mangilog's Khufra denied the Lord steal attempt of Kairi "FULL CLIP" Rayosdelsol's Lancelot with a well-timed Tyrant's Revenge. 

Execration did not need to drag the game to another late battle as it pounced on Blacklist's poor positioning, with Jeff Lenjesson "S4gitnu" Subang's Esmeralda whipping up a double kill to spark a team wipe en route to a 19-14 triumph in 13 minutes. 

S4gitnu came through with more than 54,000 damage and soaked up 57,000 damage from Blacklist as he tallied a 5-2-7 record.