Ghosts from the past: Throwback horror stories (II)

Published October 31, 2020, 10:30 AM

by Noel Pabalate

Scary tales from the teens of the ‘90s

The nurse 

After our class, we went to one of our classmate’s houses to celebrate. Still with a hangover from our professor’s story, we took turns in telling our own horror tales. One of my classmates from Surigao del Sur started.

“There was this mother who is about to go to the hospital where her sick son was confined. She just cooked lunch for her son and went back immediately to the hospital, which was five minutes away from their home.

“On her way there, she bumped into her niece who is a nurse at the said hospital. ‘Oh saan ka papunta?’ she asked.

“‘Pauwi po ng bahay,’ her niece replied as she continues walking towards the opposite direction.

“‘Oh mag ingat ka,’ she said before proceeding to walk.

“As the mother got near the hospital, a black cat cut through her path. She got worried because there’s a superstitious belief that when a black cat passes your way, it means bad luck.

“She made a sign of the cross and kept walking. When she reached the hospital, she noticed some people merging at the emergency, crowding a patient lying on the stretcher. Suddenly her heart beats fast, as the vision of the black cat still appears in her mind.

“Wondering why people are interested to see the patient, she got curious too. So, she squeezed herself into the crowd to see who it was. To her surprise, the patient who was lying down, covered with blood, and dead, was her niece, who she was just talking to on her way to the hospital.

“The hairs at the back of her neck standing, she utters with a shiver, ‘Kausap lang kita kanina ah.’

“The nurse met an accident on the road right in front of the hospital, 30 minutes before her aunt arrived,” he ended.

We all end up calling our mothers again, “Naaay ko po!”

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