Such is life 

Published October 28, 2020, 9:08 PM

by Jullie Y. Daza


Jullie Y. Daza

Sen. Ping Lacson on the general who can’t stop talking about two of the most beautiful Filipinas in the world, Catriona Gray and Lisa Soberano: He talks too much.

The general’s superiors, the Defense Secretary and the Commander in Chief, are powerless to shut him up. Someone teach him, the first and last commandment in the military is “No talk, no mistake.”

We’re all waiting to hear Her Excellency, Ambassador Marichu Mauro, talk about the CCTV footage showing her “maltreating” her household helper in the embassy residence in Brazil. To think that it was the Brazilian government that exposed the physical abuse right on Brazilian TV, for the world to see! Their labor prosecutor’s office has filed charges against the ambassador. Besides the physical blows, it was painful to watch the diplomat acting out her aggression on different days (as shown by her change of clothes). As the joke goes about the Department of Foreign Affairs, that’s where service is foreign.

Government service in a cash-rich corporation like PhilHealth can be as lucrative as it is mysterious, the first anomalies having been spotted as early as 2013, with no one the wiser. President Duterte and his DOJ Secretary are forming a mega task force to hunt down the mega- corrupt, not only in PhilHealth but in all government agencies – beginning with the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission, presumably.

PhilHealth’s excuse for not paying in one lump sum the P1.1 billion it owes Red Cross is that the deal was illegal. So why did the PhilHealth board and its legal department sign it in the first place?

Red Cross has stopped conducting COVID-19 tests. And we’re glad that those daily DOH stats on coronavirus transmissions have gone down? What’s this, a false positive or false negative? It would seem that only the death toll is accurate, since there’s no one to challenge its veracity.

Halloween’s a mere 40 or 80 winks away. This year, the dear departed will finally enjoy the peace and quiet they deserve on the feast of the dead. With cemeteries closed until Nov. 4, flowers are cheaper than onions. At P200 a kilo, it’s a crying shame that onions cost so much in an agri-based economy.

Quinta’s gone, here comes another one — Sixto?