Mimiyuuuh reveals ‘true personality’ in online house tour

I like to say that I love Mimiyuuuh, but frankly speaking, I’m not a fan of silly antics and “meme-like” poses. From obscurity, the tiny shoulders of Mimiyuuuh now “carry” known brands, endorsements, and online influence, with her amassing millions of followers (her YouTube channel alone has more than three million subscribers!).

So my first “introduction” to Mimiyuuuh was through her “Empty House Tour” (now with more than a million views in less than a day!) with a title card “Ang Katas ng Pagyoutube!” Her family’s new house is not exactly empty in a sense as her parents and siblings are already residing there, but it still needs a lot of work.

According to Mimiyuuuh, after a few months of house-hunting, her family finally decided on this one because she “felt at home.”  She also mentioned her broker, who helped her find this property. Entering the gate, an empty garage (maybe for two cars) welcomes visitors. I find it smart that Mimiyuuuh keeps on mentioning some car brands, subtly “courting” them to get her as endorser. As what Mimiyuuh has quipped in the video: “Make me rich, bitch!”   

The living area of the house is surprisingly clean and elegant. It is airy and is visually wide, perhaps due to the high ceiling. As daylight permeates through the living area, there is no need to even switch on the lights. The wall and ceiling are painted white, while the floor tiles are also white (something like faux marble), which adds to the overall elegance of the space.  

What’s surprising also is that the house comes with a pool, a “fixture” for the elite. But here, Mimiyuuuh considers the pool not only for providing a refreshing view, but also as a proof that her hard work has “already bore fruit.”

The pool does not only provide Mimiyuuuh a refreshing view, it is also proof that her hard work is 'bearing fruit'

The kitchen area is also modern, behind a dining set that’s also classy and elegant. There’s a modern induction and exhaust set, which Mimiyuuuh jokingly reveals she does not know how to operate. She also points to a microwave (with special mention to Lazada), which is her family’s first time to own one.

Mimiyuuuh appreciates the “unfinished” finish of the concrete staircase. She, however, plans to put a glass railing on the second floor for safety. There are three rooms on the second level. One for her sister, one for her brother, and another for her parents. With special mention to a cabinet brand (including its website), the bedrooms are comfortable. Light and breeze can easily come in through the large windows.

Outside her parents’ bedroom, there is still an unfinished terrace. Mimiyuuuh reveals to her audience that the place is so airy, especially when you view the stars here at night, which she loves to do as a way to relax.

The unfinished terrace area outside her parents' bedroom

Mimiyuuuh’s bedroom is located at the first floor, which is the master’s bedroom. There are still some elements lacking, but it is an interior designer’s dream to decorate this space to reflect Mimiyuuuh’s energy and eccentricity.  There’s a small walk-in closet, now filled with clothes and stuff.

Mimiyuuuh inside her room located at first floor, which is the master's bedroom of the house

She has her own bathroom, which is very modern, with classy fixtures. There’s a glass window opening, which provides a view of the pool. What’s funny is Mimiyuuuh kept on commenting about the house’s Japanese-branded toilet, which has buttons for various functions. You have to watch that part regarding the toilet, and how it doesn’t meet Mimiyuuuh's “standard.”

Outside the house, beside the pool area, is a rough patch of greens. He reveals her parents’ desire to plant some trees and flowers. It is still a work in progress.

So what’s the big revelation?

For me, it is not even the house, as it is also a work in progress. What’s revealing is how witty, smart, and business-savvy this Mimiyuuuh character is. The 19-minute video just “went by” with her mentioning at least a couple of brands (a softdrink, a junkfood, his broker, a cabinet maker, a furniture, etc.). This kind of “parinig” is also being done by other celebrities doing online home tours (Read: https://mb.com.ph/2020/09/23/find-out-the-real-reasons-celebs-are-opening-their-homes-online/ ), but Mimiyuuuh took the “charming route” by becoming, yes, simply charming with a huge dose of comedy and self-deprecation. I also found her online character surprisingly personable, contrary to my initial thought that I would be irritated.

Now, whether she mentions the brands unknowingly or not, the “deceit” lies in the fact that we don’t know her true motives and intentions, but we don’t care as long as we’re entertained. I’m not a fan of Mimiyuuuh but I found her home tour more watchable than those established celebrities who are “fakish,” as they are just forced by the circumstances to fill content for their online channels.   

Mimiyuuuh is not ashamed to admit that she, indeed, earns from the views of her YouTube videos (your viewing is continuously "broken" by advertisements). She works hard for the money and she is upfront in telling you to “make her rich, bitch!”  Beneath her humor and silliness lie the determination and grit to become successful for the sake of her family. For that, kudos to her for reminding us the value of hard work and perseverance. And yes, for also reminding us to like, subscribe, or comment on her channel.