These animal-inspired furniture pieces are what our homes need right now

Published October 21, 2020, 2:37 PM

by Johannes Chua

I’ve been hearing a lot about pandemic fatigue these days. Aside from the exhaustion from the prolonged pandemic, which can only be “shortened” by a vaccine, people are tired of seeing the usual scenes and views at home. Now, more than ever, is a time for some change.

Now, if you don’t have the time, energy, or the budget to undergo a major home renovation, then the easiest way to “change” your home is through furniture. But it can’t be the usual furniture as this is the time to bring in some fun, color, and inspiration.

For fun, color, and inspiration, check out the animal-inspired furniture from 51 All Weather Furniture Company. Adrian Peñol and Jechelle May Paaño are the partners and owners of 51 All Weather Furniture Company, while the founders are the parents of Adrian. The company started by manufacturing synthetic rattan furniture for outdoor and indoor setups. With its mission to provide comfort and attention to details without compromising functionality and quality, the company is now a sought-after supplier of furniture products for various sections of a house.

What made a good impression about 51 All Weather Furniture Company lately is its line of animal-inspired furniture. Aside from being functional and made of good quality, its playful form brings some fun (which we all need this time) into a dreary space. And with the words “all weather” in the company name, these pieces are weather-proof, too.

“Our animal-inspired seats are one of our masterpieces. The founders of the company, our parents, wanted to have unique pieces that will incorporate not only the idea of nature and traditional furniture, but will also serve its purpose—providing comfort and functionality,” said the two. 

The Elephant Love seat is a standout piece

There is the Elephant Love Seat, which is truly a stunning piece (you can’t miss it!) that you would want to have your photo taken there for your IG. For an exotic vibe, put the Crocodile Bench Chair in your living area. This is not only unique but can become a conversation piece (well, you can talk about the importance of animal conservation). Or try sitting on a Turtle Love Seat, where you can feel romance under the “embrace” of this marine-inspired piece.   

The Crocodile Bench Chair is a conversation piece
Feel close with your partner when sitting on the Turtle Love Seat

Aside from these animal-inspired seats, 51 All Weather Furniture Company also has other bestselling items, which includes the Amazon Patio Set, which is perfect for gatherings and family bonding outdoors. You can also check out the Boat Sun Lounger, where you can sunbathe like royalty in this Venetian/ Viking-inspired reclining sun lounger. Feel the summer vibe even in the “ber” months.

The Amazon Patio Set, ideal for outdoor setups
Relax like royalty in this Boat Sun Lounger

These pieces, among other products, were supposed to be launched at the Philippine International Furniture Show last March. The pandemic has hit the furniture industry hard, and 51 Furniture Company was also not spared. “This pandemic taught us a lot about life and the importance of a lot of things that were taken for granted before. We then came up with the idea of releasing a new product line, our planters and hanging pots, which was exclusively distributed by Jesche Dist. Co. By doing so, we were able to somehow sustain the company’s needs. We value our workers and we want to continue providing their salary. Slowly but surely, we are getting back on our feet. We just hope that this pandemic would soon be over so we can focus on releasing new designs and products to once again bring joy back to the homes through our functional and inspired furniture.”