Wattpad’s ‘Joss-Rei’ fans flock to Twitter

Readers and fans of Jonaxx stories rejoiced and expressed their feelings on Twitter upon the release of the part wherein Josiah and Reniella kissed for the first time in Jonaxx series’ "To Fall Again" (Montefalco series #3)

The simple yet intimate moments of the two characters leading to the kiss captivated the readers.

User @kallieeegdl posted: “Part your lips Montefalco, soI can kiss them better KSLFPQJCJWKWOFOQJCJWJ!!!! ANO BA REI!!”

“This Chapter completed my day #JonaxxTFAKab26” @_cjca16 shared.

Jonahmae Panen Pacala

User @cienasaktan uploaded: “Please appreciate the way jonaxx use Rei to represent what we once felt. Have u ever experienced wherein u have to hide your feelings and mask it yourself so that people would never pity you? Rei felt that. She Felt it. Jonaxxx tanyag na manunulat #JonaxxTFAKab26”

"To Fall Again" is part of the Montefalco series written by Jonahmae Panen Pacala, a 29-year-old teacher and author, widely known as the ‘Wattpad Queen’ / "Pop-fiction Queen" and currently the most followed wattpad author.

Her best works come in a series of books, including the "Until Trilogy" and Montefalco series.