SPD chief clears Pateros cop in female Grab driver’s assault claim

Published October 9, 2020, 1:41 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

Southern Police District (SPD) chief Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Peralta has cleared a Pateros cop of any wrongdoing in the alleged assault of a female Grab driver on Oct. 6 outside a mall in Taguig. 

Mary Florence Norial (left) and Police Captain Ronald Saquilayan. (Photos: Facebook/Floreanne Rivera and screenshot from Rivera’s video/MANILA BULLETIN)

In a Facebook post, Grab driver Mary Florence Norial claimed she was attacked by Police Captain Ronald Saquilayan, who is assigned at the Pateros Municipal Police Station. 

Norial said she was at Bgy. Ususan Police Station and Saquilayan reportedly wanted her detained.

Norial said she picked up a passenger at a coffee shop in Ususan but a vehicle, driven by Saquilayan, was reportedly blocking the driveway. 

“Naka 20mins n ata kmi nag hihitay ng pasahero. Nakiusap na dn security guard at manager ng SB pero ayaw umalis hanggang sa itinulak ako ng sundalo gamit yung car door nya at nasubsob ako sa bushes (We have been waiting for 20 minutes. The security guard and manager of the coffee shop asked the driver of the vehicle to move but he refused until the soldier pushed me using his car door and I fell in the bushes),” Norial said. 

She added that she slapped him in self-defense but Saquilayan allegedly accused her of hurting him and pushed her against the glass window of the coffee shop. Norial was arrested by the police for alarm and scandal, and direct assault. 

Peralta said CCTV footage showed that it was Norial who assaulted Saquilayan on the night of Oct. 6. 

In a statement, Peralta said Norial, on board a Hyundai Accent car, arrived at the driveway behind Saquilayan’s car, who was waiting in the vehicle for his daughter, who was buying something inside the coffee shop. 

“Miss Norial, wanting to get ahead, came out of her car and knock rudely on the window and told Saquilayan to move his vehicle. The cop politely told her that he was also a customer but Norial insisting ordered the Security Guard to force Saquilayan but was refused,” Peralta said.  “Again Norial, shouting on top of her voice, knocked on the windows of the cop’s vehicle and telling him to leave. Saquilayan was forced to ask the help of the Security Guard and introduced himself as a police captain to Norial but the latter continued to berate him.”

“While returning to his car, Norial tried to shut his vehicle’s door and got budged by the door when finally opened by Saquilayan. Norial with her right hand hit Saquilayan in his head and ran towards the Starbucks store. Saquilayan effected the arrest and called for Substation 4 personnel for assistance,” Peralta added.  

Peralta said the CCTV footage will show the real story.