BLACKPINK to release new version of ‘Lovesick Girls’ music video

Published October 8, 2020, 8:45 AM

by Noreen Jazul

BLACKPINK will release another version of their music video for “Lovesick Girls” which will exclude scenes of member Jennie wearing a nurse outfit.

(Blackpink / YouTube / MANILA BULLETIN)

YG Entertainment, the group’s management, said they have “ultimately decided to delete all scenes” showing Jennie in a nurse outfit, which Korean netizens claimed to be “sexualizing” nurses.

“We will take this opportunity to deeply reflect on the heavy responsibilities laid out before us through this issue, caused due to the fact that we were unable to predict the rise of such a controversy within the length of the MV’s production as there was no external intention whatsoever,” YG Entertainment said in a statement Wednesday.

The entertainment company also apologized to nurses who “felt discomfort” from the issue.

“We deliver our sincerest feelings of respect toward all healthcare workers devoting themselves to the wellbeing of our nation. Thank you,” YG Entertainment added.

Korean news website AllKpop also reported that Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU) scrutinized the nurse outfit, calling it a “blatant sexual objectification and a derogatory portrayal of nurses.”

THe KMHU said Jennie’s nurse costume was “far from realistic nurse attire consisting of a hair cap, tight and short skirt, and high heels.”

“Even though nurses have been fighting for a long time to improve this, YG Entertainment sexually objectified nurses in BLACKPINK’s music video,” the KMHU added.

In an earlier statement, YG Entertainment explained that the scene where Jennie was wearing the nurse outfit was only meant to portray the song’s lyrics: “No doctor could help when I’m lovesick.”

“The scene intended no other purpose, and we feel concerned that this scene has fallen under exaggerated scrutiny,” YG said.

The company also asked audiences to view the scene, and the entire music video as “another genre of independent art.”

“We would be grateful if audiences could understand that each scene visually portrays the lyrics of the music, with no further meanings behind it,” the company said.