Aboitiz renews supply contract with Batangas power utility

Published October 8, 2020, 6:00 AM

by Myrna M. Velasco

Aboitiz Power Corporation has renewed its power supply agreement (PSA) with First Bay Power Corporation (FBC), to fulfill the latter’s procurement of 10 megawatts of its power requirements as stipulated in the deal.

The source of the power supply to be delivered to FBPC’s network will be from the Makiling-Banahaw geothermal plant of AP Renewables Inc. (APRI), a subsidiary generation company of Aboitiz Power.

“This renewed partnership between the two companies signals the start of APRI’s delivery of 10MW of clean energy to First Bay from its MakBan geothermal facility, the Aboitiz firm said, and emphasizing that this is part of its “Cleanergy” offer to customers.

According to Aboitiz Power, the new contract is a continuation of more than a decade-long partnership, because when the company acquired the Tiwi-MakBan plants through the government’s privatization program, the PSA with First Bay for a 6.0MW supply was among those transferred to the buyer firm, which is APRI in this case.

On the supply contract renewal, FBPC President and General Manager Ray Florence Reyes specified that it was executed following the utility firm’s conduct of competitive selection process (CSP) on its targeted power supplier – and that was won by the Aboitiz firm.

“As early as March of this year, FBPC began its preparations for a competitive selection process to evaluate potential energy suppliers to fulfill (its) requirement for renewable energy,” the power firm said.

APRI President and COO Dennis B. Jordan asserted “it’s amazing to be part of a journey that began in 2009, and over a decade later, we find ourselves here, back where we started as partners and ever more capable of serving the growing needs of FBPC’s franchise area.”

Juan Alejandro Aboitiz, first vice president for commercial operations of Aboitiz Power, also recounted that “our journey with FBPC was built on trust, and the shared vision of enabling the advancement of businesses and communities in Bauan.”

On FBPC’s part, Reyes said their company “supports the mandate of the DOE (Department of Energy) to preserve the integrity of competition while pursuing the best energy supplier to help us provide clean energy for Bauan.”

He added this new lease of partnership with Aboitiz Power has been firing up their enthusiasm, as this will “help us achieve our sustainability goals for another 10 years.”