Five local beauty brands to support (at a discount)

Published October 7, 2020, 4:35 PM

by Kerry Tinga

Love local without breaking the bank. Check out these exclusive discount deals on homegrown beauty brands.

Many of us have been spending more and more time, practically all of our time, at home due to the pandemic. In the beginning, it was easy to be complacent in terms of how we dressed or got ready. But as the days were swallowed up by weeks and then months, nostalgia started to come over us. We remembered that when we used to go out, we would get ready for ourselves, not for others. Even if we are staying indoors or have half of our faces covered when we step out, that doesn’t mean we can’t put in the time to celebrate ourselves.

Healthy, moisturized skin can make us glow inside and out. The right rouge on the lips can give us the confidence to say what is on our minds. We can change it up the next day to add something new and spontaneous to our looks and to our lives. 

If you are looking to try out some new beauty and care products, you need not look any further than our local, homegrown brands. Plus, from Oct. 8 to 10, Lazada will be offering their best beauty products at exclusive discounted prices to celebrate Women’s Festival and their Beauty Awards. You can love and support local without worrying about how much it is going to cost you.

Check out below five of our favorite homegrown brands that will be on sale.

Sunnies Face

The undisputed “it-girl” brand of the Philippines, Sunnies Face has your luxury makeup go-to’s in shades that celebrate every Filipino skin tone. From classic Fluffmate lipsticks to the more recent Play Paint nail kits. Don’t forget about their latest product, the two-in-one Sunnies Face Protector, which has a silky matte blur primer and an illuminating gel balm, together embracing the bare skin look. If anything has been on your wish list after seeing it on your favorite Insta-influencers, add it in your cart and get ready for the sale.

Fresh Philippines

While we all wish we could caption “woke up like this” on our posts, Fresh Philippines knows that healthy skin does not happen overnight. Don’t worry, that does not mean that it isn’t possible. It just takes time and commitment. Fresh Philippines offers a high-quality, local range of hydrating care products for your skin and your hair.

UL Skin Sciences

UL Skin Sciences is of the biggest local care companies with well-known and well-loved brands like Myra, PH Care, Celeteque, Lactezin, Swish, Myra, and GynePro. Proper self-care is a huge part of self-love, from long, warm showers with quality care products to smoothening moisturizers that will give your skin a healthy glow. Proper self-care is a necessity, not a luxury, and should be priced as such, so watch out for the deals you deserve on the products you deserve.

SQUAD Cosmetics

This relatively new beauty brand promises affordable yet stylish local products. They target primarily Gen Z, teenage consumers with marketing focused on giving them the power for self-expression. The lip tints are popular and come in a variety of shades, meaning there is definitely one that will fit you. And while we did say they are affordable, it never hurts to add a discount on top of it.

Skin Potions

Founded by sisters Jonalyn and Aileen Sison, Skin Potions started from Jonalyn’s struggle with teenage acne. Today, the wallet-friendly beauty brand helps Filipinos across the country be their most confident selves. The “maskne” issue, or the breakouts happening under our masks, has brought Skin Potions back to where they started. If you are looking to say goodbye to that stubborn maskne, get ready for some major deals on Skin Potion’s rescue bundle.