Bela Padilla finds new love

Published October 7, 2020, 12:25 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Bela Padilla recently surprised Instagram followers introducing her new boyfriend Norman Ben Bay.

“The one I met in St. Gallen,” she wrote as caption to a photo of them taken in Turkey.

The comments section was immediately filled with warm messages from Bela’s friends, among them Dani Barretto who wrote: “My heart is so freakin happy right now.”

Bela has been single for four years.

Her last boyfriend was Neil Arce, who is now engaged to actress Angel Locsin.

Prior to the said post, Bela also penned some reflections on her trip to Cappadocia.

“I waited till my swab test result came back negative before posting anything. And I didn’t think I’d leave the country at all this year, but life really has to start moving again,” she started.

“As seen in this photo, my head is still up in the clouds in Cappadocia. I’m really super thankful that my job takes me to places I’ve never been before or never thought I’d go to…because honestly, I’m not one to go to touristy places, so Cappadocia was low on my list of places to visit. But now, I consider it one of my safe havens.”

She described the tourist spot as “so beautiful and charming.”

“They have great food and wine and even better people,” she added. “I luckily got to meet some of the best ones! Their street animals are kind and calm, a great testament to how their treated. And the view is just beautiful from any point. (My peripherals haven’t been as blessed as they have in the last two weeks.) I love everything about this trip so so much. So I’ll slowly share what I went through in Cappadocia.”