Going viral

Published October 2, 2020, 6:00 AM

by Fil C. Sionil

At this perilous time, nobody  wants to be classified as “viral.” Because it connotes something  that no one wants to be associated with.

In this instance, however, viral is one of the constructive zones.  There was an amazing rendition by RCBC top-and-mid-tier management officials of the song “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” originally sung by Simon and Garfunkel.  They sang it in the Celebration of RCBC’s 60th  anniversary on September 23, without the usual cocktail and funfare due to the pandemic.  

The rendition – which was “used with permission for mechanical cover version” – went viral shortly after RCBC President and Chief Executive Officer Eugene C. Acevedo posted it on his Face Book (FB) account..

 Viral, in Internet terms means the post has been shared, copied, and spread across all social media platforms – IG, FB, Twitter, iMessenger, and WhatsApp.  Going viral specifically for Facebook means that “a post has generated a great deal of attention in the form of a high number of likes, shares, and comments.” I shared it on my FB account as well as my Twitter as I found its rendition amazing. As I write this, the rendition has had 10.7k views and a little less than 500 likes.

 The opening scene showed the back of seasoned banker Manny Narcisco, executive vice president and group head of Global Transaction Banking, gracefully playing the grand piano and at the same time singing the first two lines of the Bridge.

 He was followed, one after another by other senior officers, namely Jorge de la Cuesta, Wen Subido, Bennet Santiago, Yvonne Bada, Simon Calasanz, Charles Alfonso, Claudine del Rosario, Nathan Chincuaco, Helen Oleta who were requested separately to sing a line or two. Alej Uy is a tenor. Clarisse Porte, a soprano, effortlessly closed the first portion of the presentation.

The selection of the singers and the final product is all Mr. Manny’s handy work. “I chose the singers based on who I’ve actually sung karaoke with at Hexagon lounge and other places at RCBC gatherings, and whom I knew had good potential. They’re not all accomplished singers, but could be.”

The song rendition was less than five minutes, which is just right as anything longer, I believe may not be shareable in Twitter.  Also, the lyrics for the second portion were revised.

 Instead of the  original lyrics “When you’re down and out,” Chel Gopez calmly sang “when you’re weary, feeling small,” followed by Grace Castillo singing “when fears are in your heart, we will rise not fall,” and Maricel Paralejo singing “our time has come to shine, bright light desire” and Bong Roxas with ”until the time less is gone.”

 Butch Lustado and James Macabasco, followed one after another  with  “like a bridge over troubled water, we won’t let you down,” and ”like a bridge over troubled water, we will stand our ground.” The high-spirited Mr. James is obviously a member of a chorale. “True, he’s the leader of the RCBC chorale group” confirmed Mr. Manny. Finally, the presentation was punctuated by prexy Mr. Eugene singing the last revised line, “we will stand our ground.”

 Mr. Eugene narrated RCBC Chair Helen Y Dee  give  her stamp of approval for the 60th celebratory song. Through the years RCBC has evolved from more than just a bank but became a partner. “Mrs. Dee was involved right from the start. We picked the song because of the pandemic, but changed the second part to express a message of service and of hope.”

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