Wow! This spare room was transformed into a fun kids playroom

Published September 28, 2020, 6:09 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

No renovation needed and all the materials were bought online

With most of us stuck at home since March, we’ve made quite a lot of discoveries inside the four corners of our house. Kim Prado made use of her time at home by renovating a “forgotten room” that used to be frequented by three of her older children ages 21, 19, and 15. That room has been converted to the family’s storage room since her three older kids grew out of it. 

With all the play establishments closing down, the 38-year-old mother felt sad for her youngest, two-year-old Jaime. “He never had the chance to enjoy them unlike his older siblings,” she told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. This was one of the big reasons she was inspired to create a space for him to imagine, play, and make believe. “I needed to equip him with a place and recreate Kidzania. I really plan to homeschool Jaime even after the pandemic, and this project pushed me to get more creative and figure out a way to provide this space for him.”

Working together
The first thing Kim did was talk to her husband. Both of them agreed to proceed with the renovation without hiring outside help—for safety purposes. “We had to accept what we could and could not do given the situation,” says the mom-of-four who admits to being very hands-on and meticulous. “I really want the best all the time. I imagined how nice it would look if could hire people to do it for me, but I had to snap out of it quickly.”

Once they got this out of the way, they knew every single detail would be up to them. They decided to keep the old interiors and that there would be no carpentry and painting involved to avoid exposure to toxins. They also started looking for pegs on Pinterest and used these inspirations to browse through online shops for available materials to purchase. 

Since there were three bunk beds in the spare room, Kim thought of recreating a fire truck and a police car out of these unused beds. These were the highlights of the renovated play room, adding real sirens and fire alarms–all of which were bought online from Lazada, Incy rooms for the carpet and furniture, and Peel Studios for the stickers so that their cabinets could look like lockers in the fire station. And the best part of it all, every single family member helped out. “They were giving us ideas on how else we could improve. Jaime was part of everything, too! We gave him tasks to do like fix his old toys, stick duct tapes here and there, etc.”

Budget challenge
Since Jaime would grow up fast and might not be into fire trucks and police cars in a span of a few years, Kim wanted to be practical. “I wanted to buy materials that would look nice but priced fairly. I wanted him to play all day, and I knew that if I bought him expensive items, I might not allow him to play as much,” she laughs. This also helped her in sticking to a budget of not more than P50,000. “The chunk of the budget went into the carpet and the furniture. We did not want to sacrifice quality on both since those would stay for a long time,” she explains. 

It was quite an ambitious idea to turn the old room of the big kids into Jaime's homeschool room. All materials were…

Posted by Kim Gatdula – Prado on Friday, August 28, 2020

Kid’s home renovation tips:
Kim had so much fun scoring the best finds for her youngest son’s play room, and shares these tips for other parents who are considering venturing into this project as well. 

  1. Remember that this room is for your child.
    Take cues and get inspiration from what your child wants more than what you want. If I had my way, I would have loved him to have a Garden-inspired room haha! But I know that space is not for me but for him.
  2. Have fun and bond together.
    I know it’s easier to do things yourself to avoid errors and minimize arguments but it’s so fun to look back on memories. Jaime’s room is filled with so much love because of the work and time everyone has put in it. It’s like our own work of art. 
  3. Source locally.
    We have so much good materials and furniture pieces that are available in our country. These small businesses also have good stuff. Delivery is faster and cheaper, too!