Rhian Ramos is single again

Actress Rhian Ramos admitted to nursing a broken heart following her breakup with Israeli businessman Amit Borsok.

She didn’t exactly offer details as to the actual cause of their split but in her recent vlog, the 29-year-old actress-singer divulged, “It was so hard, I really had a hard time.”

Rhian Ramos

“I was, like, brokenhearted and, like, shattered,” she added.

Ramos added, the breakup, among other things, led to her losing a lot of weight.

“I was in so much pain and under so much stress and I wasn't getting out of my bed. I wasn't sleeping right. I couldn't eat. Nothing tasted like anything. I was under so much stress that my body basically started eating itself...everyone thinks that I did this to myself on purpose but I didn't. I was just having a really hard time,” she related.

She is now trying to bounce back by reading the Bible.

Ramos and Borsok made public their relationship only last year.