New K-pop boy band ENHYPEN to debut by end of the year

A new K-pop boy band will be debuting this year under a company of Big Hit Entertainment, which has produced BTS.

Upcoming multinational idol group ENHYPEN is composed of seven members who won in the recent Korean survival audition show “I-Land.” The winners were selected during the final episode of “I-Land” on Sept. 18 by global votes and producers’ choice.

According to Belift Lab, the Philippines was the second highest in the number of votes cast among 181 countries which participated in the voting for part 2 of of “I-Land”
ENHYPEN members are Heesung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon and Ni-ki who will make their music debut by the end of the year.

Their ages range from 14 to 18. Heesung, born on Oct. 15, 2001, is 18 years old and trained for three years and one month while Jay is also 18, born on April 20, 2002 and trained for two years and 11 months.

Jake, 17, was born on Nov. 15, 2002 and trained for nine months and Sunghoon, 17, was born on Dec. 8, 2002 and underwent training for two years and one month.

ENHYPEN members (clockwise from top left) Heesung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Ni-ki, Jungwon and Sunoo (Belift Lab)

Sunoo is 17 and was born on June 24, 2003 and trained for 10 months while Jungwon, 16, was born on Feb. 9, 2004 and trained for one year and four months. Japanese Ni-ki, the youngest member, is 14 and was born on Dec. 9. 2005 and trained for eight months.

The group’s name ENHYPEN is similar to the punctuation mark hyphen, which connects two words. ENHYPEN means the seven members connect to discover one another and grow together with the aim of connecting people and the world through their music.

They will be under Belift Lab, a joint venture between Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM formed in March 2019.

ENHYPEN’s social media accounts have already gained a sizable number of followers. Their Weverse app account has 2.88 million followers.

Their official ENHYPEN Twitter account has 596,000 followers while the ENHYPEN members account has 812,000. Their official Instagram account has 656,000 followers and their YouTube channel has 505,000 subscribers as of writing.