Kakai Bautista’s three-home journey is the #HomeGoal we love—here’s why

Published September 16, 2020, 6:10 AM

by Johannes Chua

Kakai Bautista is a singer, comedian, actress, and known as the country’s Dental Diva. Now, you can add another title to her name: Homeowner. In an episode on her YouTube channel, Kakai brings her signature flair and comedic timing to show viewers her life journey, specifically through three homes that are part of her life.

All I could say is that this girl really is admirable, as what she’s saying not only makes sense (even with all the jokes and potshots), but you can truly feel her love for her family. People may not take her seriously but you can feel her authenticity. She never hid the fact that she overcame so many challenges, especially in her quest to acquire a new house. Hers is the quintessential Pinoy success story. Let’s join Kakai in her journey.  

First stop: Family home in Laguna

Who wouldn’t exude that kind of joy going back home to the province after six months of quarantine in Metro Manila? 

Kakai recently returned to her family’s rented house at Pacita Complex in San Pedro, Laguna and viewers could feel the excitement of the welcome she received, especially from her dog Chuchie Pie.

PURE JOY Kakai returned to her home in Laguna and was welcomed by Chuchie Pie

Like most middle-class Pinoy homes in provinces surrounding NCR such as Laguna, Cavite, or Bulacan, homes may be simple but filled with “memories” as seen in Kakai’s home—refrigerator door full of ref magnets (some hold utility bills), a curtain with an offbeat color, a living and dining area filled with plastic cabinets, and a wooden kitchen cabinet filled with plates. Go to any homes in the suburbs now and this is what you can see.

Second stop: New house

Kakai’s home journey is the #HomeGoal of almost all Filipinos. Everyone wants a first home filled with experiences, a second home full of memories, and finally, a home of one’s own, bought from years of hard work and perseverance.

FIRST LOOK Kakai gives viewers a peek of her new house (All photo clips from Kakai Bautista’s YouTube video)

With her dog in tow, Kakai brings viewers to a new house, so new that it still has nothing inside it except the basic flooring and paint. What’s nice with Kakai is she’s not demure about telling viewers where the money to build the house came from when she said, “katas ng Jollibee.” This is indeed very Pinoy, as hard work is equated to finally having a place of our own, the fruit of our labor.   

“This is the JB house,” Kakai says, showing the living and dining area of a space, which is more or less around 60 square meters. It has a second floor, which features a master’s bedroom and two smaller rooms. There is also a lanai at the back of the house, which would become a space for a dirty kitchen and a small laundry area. She says that she was supposed to fill the new house with furniture and appliances if not for the Covid-19 pandemic.

The front of the house is still bare as of the moment. Kakai says she plans to have a garden there, just like most Pinoy houses now, where any available outdoor space is converted into a place for plants and greens.

NEW FACE The facade of Kakai’s new house

Third home: Where she grew up

We all have our first home, the one where we had so many “firsts” in our life. It is where we learned a lot of things, formed our first friendships, and experienced for the first time life’s ups and downs. For Kakai, it was a home where she grew up with her grandparents.

The home, where other people now reside, is a small bungalow type, with cement walls, adobe bricks, and old metal grill as gate. There is an open space in front of the house, which she says used to have kamias and santol trees, and flowers such as orchids.

TRIP TO CHILDHOOD Kakai points at the house where she grew up

The neighborhood also brings back memories to Kakai, who remembers how she used to run in the street with the kids or play bangkang papel on the canal. Some of her ‘kababata’ are now doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc.

She even reveals that there was a time they were evicted from that house because they couldn’t pay the rent, showing that her childhood didn’t only consist of happiness but challenges as well. That incident opened her eyes, even at a young age, of the realities of life, motivating her to work hard as shown in her multiple movie and television appearances, concerts, shows, and endorsements.

Full circle journey

Kakai’s home journey is the #HomeGoal of almost all Filipinos. Everyone wants a first home filled with experiences, a second home full of memories and becomes a refuge to go home to, and finally, a home of one’s own, bought from years of hard work and perseverance.