Andrea Torres, Derek Ramsay deny live-in rumor

Published September 16, 2020, 4:58 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

For the nth time, celebrity couple Andrea Torres and Derek Ramsay have denied they are living together.

On Instagram, Andrea said she still lives with her parents as she dismissed claims of an entertainment columnist who reported about the alleged set-up.

Andrea Torres, Derek Ramsay

The rumor started when the couple shared on their YouTube channel a virtual tour of Derek’s newly built home.

The couple, known to fans as AnDrek, showcased each part of the house themselves.

Whenever Derek would describe the area in the three-floor home, he would use “their” and “ours” as predicate adjectives.

“I’m happy and touched that Derek calls it ours. Napaka-sweet,” Andrea said. 

In an article published on PEP, Derek insisted there’s no truth to reports they are live-in partners.

“No we are not living in. The truth is we aren’t live in.”

According to him, he started the construction of his house before he met Andrea.

It was a year ago when the two finally put an end to the speculation they’re an item.

In February, Andrea shared Derek is “the one.”

She said their relationship works because they are both “relaxed” and have “no pretensions.”