WATCH: Andi Eigenmann uses recyclable materials for kids’ DIY toys

Published September 14, 2020, 2:08 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Actress Andi Eigenmann proves mothers don’t need to spend much just to give their children a set of toys.

On her recent vlog, the 30-year-old showcased how she was able to make a toy kitchen set out of recyclable materials.

Andi Eigenmann

“It’s a much cheaper way to come up with toys to entertain your kids especially in this time and the process of doing it,” she said in the clip, adding it’s also a fun activity to do with older kids. 

She shared that they’ve made use of items in their house that they don’t need anymore such as cardboard boxes. 

“It’s much better and it’s way more affordable, and it’s free,” she related.

In the vlog, she used the boxes transforming it into a kid’s toys’ stove, sink with cabinet, and refrigerator. 

Then she added extra details like mason jar lid as stove burner, square plastic container as the sink, and a soap dispenser pump as faucet; also, she put extra details to make it “prettier.”

In the latter part of the clip, Andi noted how all of her hard work “paid off” because her eight-year-old Ellie and one-year-old Lilo have been enjoying the toys.

“More importantly it just goes to show that as much as I would love to shower my kids with all of these really nice luxuries in life, they will also appreciate just as much if its simple pleasures, simple joys such as this one. And the experience was even more special because I got to have them join me and do it with me.”

Andi also expressed delight that she got to come up with a more eco-friendly option in providing her kids with such entertainment; she got to put their supposed garbage or the stuff that they don’t need to good use.

“So I hope this video only encourages you guys to maybe try it out as well. I swear it’s not easy but it’s super fun,” she promised.