Your grandparents will ace these hobbies

Published September 13, 2020, 11:08 AM

by Vianca Gamboa

Plus, the perfect gifts to jumpstart their new goals

By this time, grandparents have settled themselves into their daily routine, which consists of doing chores, surfing the internet, or playing with dogs, but most of the time, the idea of trying new things, let alone getting out of bed, could mean morphing into a dreaded activity. It’s going to take more than words of encouragement to get your grandparents out of their seats. You need the perfect strategy, like the time your lolo sneaked you out of the house so you could both gobble up a burger for breakfast. Or that time your lola secretly set up a fancy dinner after your play.

So, this Grandparents’ Day, propose a new hobby. It will help them take control of themselves, and what they aim to do. It will give them a sense of purpose as well as myriad physical and mental health benefits that they will reap along the way.

They probably won’t tell you what they want other than “togetherness” anyway—which sounds cheesy but also not recommended due to the pandemic—so we’ve created a list of activities and the kits you need to jumpstart their new hobby.


Who’s surprised gardening is on top of the list? Not only does it appeal to your lola’s old- fashioned knack for turning lawns into colorful shrines, it also has a lot of health benefits from activity and fresh air. A study by American Society for Horticultural Science in 2015 has shown that a 50-minute session of potting plants and watering flowers can improve seniors’ endurance, dexterity, and brain function.

Now, gardening isn’t a new hobby, but it can be a new joint activity among the family by letting even the youngest folks listen to the grandparents’ good ol’ fruit-growing lessons that can be passed on for many generations.

The perfect gift: 10-piece gardening tools gift set with case (Available on Shopee for P1,311) 

Latte Art

The next time you prepare your lolo’s coffee, add some frothy designs to your concoction, and he would want more of it. The art of crafting latte can elevate your grandparents’ mornings even before that one sip. It needs the right amount of everything—consistency, perfectly texturized steamed milk, and handwork, so it can be daunting the first time, but that’s the beauty of it. Being the Jack- and Jane-of-all-trades that they are, your grandparents for sure will get the hang of this challenging yet creative alternative to their Sunday crosswords in no time.

The perfect gift: Nespresso Inissia and Aeroccino 3 (Available on for P12,400) and Latte art stencil set with powder duster and pen (Available on Shopee for P205)


Cooking always sparks bonds and healthy relationships, but no activity can give a sense of achievement and satisfaction than baking. The titas are at it, the kids are at it, it’s time to introduce lola to new trendy breads and pastries she has never tried making before, like milky buns and sushi bake. Because it involves a lot of kneading and attention, it can also help fight signs of dementia and anxiety.

The perfect gift: Stoneline baking pan set of two for P2,280 and Kate Spade New York Home deco dot measuring cup set of four for P2,250 (Both available at Rustan’s)


An activity that has long been passed to the hippy teens of today, macramé is perfect for every crafty person who enjoys versatility, especially your grandparents. The different weaving techniques create various possibilities and design inspirations fit for the house such as wall hangings, mats, and even accessories. You can also find time to bond over YouTube tutorials and knit each other’s new poncho.

The perfect gift: Macramé rope with beads, wood ring, and stick (Available on Shopee for P480)


We’re not saying that our grandparents become naturally grouchier with age, but some will not be able to take rigorous exercises. It’s best to give them the calm that they need through therapeutic activities like painting.

If your lolo hasn’t touched a brush a day in his life, now is the perfect time to enroll him in an online art workshop. Art is great for emotional healing, that’s why care homes incorporate art therapy into the elderly’s everyday routines. It offers sensory stimulation and improves mood and cognitive abilities.

The perfect gift: Royal Langnickel wooden box art set (P2,999)

Illustration courtesy of Freepik